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Women's Original Jersey- Dream

Women's Original Jersey- Dream

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Introducing the Stickman ‘Dream’ Jersey – where imagination takes flight. This pink jersey is a canvas of dreams, adorned with whimsical graffiti of moons and stars, creating an ethereal atmosphere. On the back, a powerful scene unfolds: a fierce tiger and a resolute zebra locked in a symbolic battle. This artwork captures the essence of dual strength – the fierce determination to chase your dreams and the unwavering courage to face challenges head-on. Ride with the spirit of the tiger and the resilience of the zebra, wrapped in the enchanting aura of the Dream Jersey. Embrace your journey with the dreamlike beauty of Stickman style.

Here at Stickman, all of our designs are made with sustainable water-based ink for the most accurate representation of real colour and environmental safety. We package our clothing in recyclable cardboard packaging made in Europe, and we use local workers here in Spain. Being ethical is important to us – it's who we are, and we’re in love with this big, bright, beautiful planet. Join us at Stickman and fall in love with the world!

Care Instructions

Stickman Original Jersey

- Machine wash at 30°C or handwash

- Do not bleach

- Do not tumble dry.

- Hang and dry instead.

- Do not iron

- Do not dry clean

- Do not use softner, washing powders and avoid big commercial detergents.

- Wash whites and dark colors separately in cold water.

- Wash inside out and zipped up.

- Do not bleach


Stickman cycling kits are made from the highest quality Italian fabrics, with an aesthetically pleasing fit. Our jerseys offer maximum comfort and breathability. Everything is made in Barcelona, Spain. 

Stickman Original Jerseys

- COMFY & FAST aero fit

- Large Rear Pockets

- Three spacious back pockets

- Silicone finished interior in sleeves

- Non-slip silicone finish for maximum grip to shorts

- Auto-locking, quick open YKK zipper

- Zip guard technology

- High quality Italian fabrics

- Reflective rear band for maximum visibility

- Made in Barcelona

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