Made in Barcelona | Limited Edition

Cycling Drop 23 | 07/2024

Triathlon Drop 3 | 07/2024

Stellar Bib Shorts

Stickman's New Development

Seamless Comfort and Perfect Fit: Experience unmatched comfort with minimal seams and no cuffs, providing a second-skin feel that enhances your ride without compromising on fit. The raw natural cut on the legs and inbuilt silicone grippers ensure the bibs stay perfectly in place, delivering stability and freedom of movement.

Advanced Fabric Technology: The Stellar Bibs are made entirely from lightweight, compressive, and quick-drying fabric, offering superior support and breathability. These bibs adapt to your body's contours, providing optimal compression for improved performance and recovery.

Premium Neoprene Straps: Our new highly breathable neoprene straps offer maximum support and adaptability, wicking away sweat efficiently to keep you cool and comfortable on even the longest rides. The premium materials and design ensure the straps provide a snug, flexible fit that moves with you.

Engineered for Performance: Every detail of the Stellar Bibs has been meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of performance. From the innovative fabric to the seamless design, these bibs are built to withstand the demands of competitive cycling while maintaining exceptional style and functionality.

Elevate your cycling experience with the Stellar Bibs Collection. Embrace the ultimate in aerodynamics, comfort, and technology, and ride with confidence knowing you’re wearing the best in cycling apparel.

‘Welcome to the Style Revolution’

We understand that you’re all unique – that's why you’re here at the Stickman website. Just like you, we don’t limit our choices in life. Instead, we’re a whole gallery of artistic inspiration, wrapped in Lycra, like a second skin for style-conscious cyclists. Based in the vibrant and culturally eclectic city of Barcelona, close to the amazing cycling routes in the Spanish Pyrenees, we live and breathe cycling – and art!

We believe that our men’s and women's cycling bibs shorts and cycling jerseys have the perfect balance between style and performance. We know that you don’t want to live an ordinary life – especially on the bike.

In a world filled with such a varied spectrum of colour, it’s time to radiate your personality, with the perfect fit of Stickman performance cycle clothing. Merging art with cycling, our high-quality clothing becomes a limited-edition canvas, with designs created by a team of artists from around the world, sewn together here in Barcelona – just for you.

It’s time to join the new cycling revolution and express yourself – with Stickman!