About Us

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

Free your spirit, by cycling with Stickman 

Here at Stickman Cycling, we’re unique – just like you. We’re not like any other brand, and we won’t bore you with blandness. Instead, we value the crazy, the awesome, the art, the inspiration in this chaotic world. All in all, we can say that one word summarizes it all - Stickman.  Stickman was created with the intention of never backing down. In the mundane cycling world, we are here to change the game.   

Stickman was created by young athletes who have lived all over the world. The brand has combined the craziness of Los Angeles, the elegance of Europe, and the organic nature of Brazil into our brand, adding that cultural vibe of Barcelona. If the world is filled with vibrant colors and life – then cycling should be too.  

Come on in, and join the new cycling revolution – with Stickman!  

So, what makes us the best? 


Handmade in Barcelona

We value EVERYTHING made locally, from our produce, to our cycling apparel. This has and always will be our priority, valuing local workers and growing organically with our surroundings. Thankfully, we’re based in beautiful Barcelona, with so much on our doorstep already.  

This allows us to have an exceptional supply chain, being efficient and allowing Stickman to have full control over its quality and fit. By making all of our clothing in Barcelona, we are able to offer our clients the best quality apparel, made through honest and detailed labour.  



Art from promising young artists across the world

Our art comes from Stickman ‘art partners’ across the globe. We’re simply a moving (literally) gallery, with our clothing being the canvas! We choose to partner with promising young artists, supporting them at the start of their careers, and making them a part of our Stickman Cycling family. 

Currently, we account for 9 artists in 9 different countries, all with varying styles. This dynamic approach means that Stickman will always have unique designs and be able give you the best cycling clothing and the best cycling styles, along with great value in your purchase. Who knows, you could be buying an outfit designed by the next Warhol!  

We are extremely grateful for all of the artists that have embarked with us on our Stickman journey, and we are sure that together, we can conquer the cycling world! Don’t just think style and design – wear it with Stickman! 



Top Notch Italian Material

Italian couture is world-renowned for its style and quality of fabrics. All of our materials come from premium fabric mills in Italy. After you’ve felt our clothes, this won’t be a mystery, that we’re working with the best fabrics in the market.  

If you’re looking for comfort, fit, and performance – that perfect trilogy of cycling clothing, then we’ve got you! By using the highest quality fabrics and chamois, we’re able to guarantee you the ride of your life – wrapped in Stickman style! On the hottest days of summer, or on the snowiest days of winter, you count on Stickman - because only the best will do.  



Best Fitting Cut

We’ve been working on our fit for a years, testing and refining, to reach the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable cycling gear possible. After many attempts, we can say we’ve come close to perfection. Don’t stress about your body type, as our apparel looks good on everyone. We’re all unique, and here at Stickman we value that in our customers. Those cyclists in Stickman designs will look and feel special – because you are. Once you’ve worn a Stickman ‘piece of art’, we’re confident that you won’t want to use any other brand. The photos speak for themselves; take a look at Stickman Cycling – art and design for a 2-wheeled lifestyle… 



Limited Edition Drops

By having everything made locally, we have the ability to play around with our visions, creativity, and passion. Therefore, all of our designs are first come, first served, limited edition, and once sold out, they will never again be available for purchase. This allows us to always have innovative designs and gives more opportunities to all of our amazing artists and partners. Ride in style, wearing truly limited-edition art – Stickman cycling style! 


Shipping is immediate… shhhh