Join the Barcelona Cycling Revolution!

Barcelona Cycling Revolution!


Hey guys, in case you hadn’t heard, ‘La Vuelta’ is coming to town! Yes, one of the truly great ‘grand tours’ of cycling is heading to Barcelona this month, and we’re using the visit as a launch for a new cycling revolution for Barcelona. Come and join us at the famous La Fuga restaurant and café here in the city, and our first ever Stickman showroom, from where we’ll be riding out as a group and tackling a few hills on route to see the peloton! 

Along with our cycling friends, we’ll be using the 2023 visit of La Vuelta to launch a series of regular rides that will start here at La Fuga, before heading out to the beautiful Collserola Parc and hills, along epic roads that weave their way through the Catalunya countryside.  

A Foundation for the Future 

Barcelona now has a well-designed urban cycling infrastructure at its heart, with dedicated cycle lanes and numerous well thought out areas that promote city bikes for locals and tourists alike. Cycling is finally on the agenda, and dynamic groups of local riders such as the Favela Frama cyclists, will be joining with Trek Barcelona and the Stickman team, as we continue to work together, bringing you guys lots of great cycling routes from this epic global city.  

Yes, ride with the Barcelona vibe – ride with Stickman, Favela Frama, and Trek Sud Barcelona, and chill out with us afterwards, back at La Fuga for the social side of cycling! Our plan for regular rides into the mountains and along the coastal roads, will create a new buzz for the Barcelona bike scene, as together we form the new cycling revolution!  

Riding as One 

Favela Frama was born in the streets of Brazil and developed on the steep cycling slopes of Barcelona. It embodies the lively, vibrant and colourful culture of our great city. It’s simply a group of like-minded riders who are passionate about cycling, adventure and exploring new horizons. We want to encourage and support all cyclists, locals and travellers alike, to join us from our famous café base at La Fuga, where you can also see the complete Stickman Cycling clothing range 😉. We’ll be riding as one and inviting everyone to join us on the roads of La Vuelta.  

Yes, the new Barcelona cycling revolution has only just begun, and it’s wrapped in the philosophy of Stickman – a constantly moving canvas of cycling art and adventure. All we ask of you, is to saddle up, clip and join us as we ride into the future! 


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