Get Ready for Winter – with Stickman

Take a look at our cold weather clothing for cyclists 

Even here in our home city of Barcelona, the temperature can drop during winter. Nearby, in the Pyrenees they’ll have some significant snow falls; and so yes, we understand that our Stickman style needs to cater for those cold days on the bike that we know are heading our way. We’ve partnered with our artists and asked them to design a range of unique Stickman cold weather clothing. This includes a range of stylish and chic long sleeved jerseys and performance orientated bib tights for men and women. Let’s take a look together and get you ready to ride in style this winter!  

Stickman long-sleeved cycling jerseys  

Our Stickman ‘Dynasty’ Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts, radiate a whole tapestry of exotic and cool colours, all woven together in a way that reflects art, nature, and colour. It’s a blended canvas of artistic Moorish tiles, drawing on the living art of Spain and vibrant Mediterranean culture. Wrap yourself in artistic history and be the embodiment of style, with Stickman as the temperature drops. And, if you want to wear this colourful jersey with longer bib tights, then simply pair it with our new Stickman ‘Winter Pro Bib-tights'.  

You can also choose from our new Stickman ‘Negative-X’ Aero long-sleeved jersey. This super-stylish and modern looking cycle jersey is in classic black, with a subtle blue flower design on the left-hand sleeve, and a high collar to keep the winds at bay. 

Both jersey designs are made from high performance and lightweight Italian technical fabrics and made here in Barcelona, so that you can rely on the Stickman badge of excellence. The multi-directional stretch fabric is insulated to keep cold winds at bay and is cut to maximise your movement on the bike. Both jerseys have a high collar, and a strong zipper, with a fabric overlay, to assist you in staying warm. We’ve ensured that the design, quality of fabrics and fit is the best available, so that you look and feel sensational, whatever the weather.  



Stickman windbreaker Jacket 

There are always those cycling days when all that you need is to keep the cold away from you. Even in winter, when you get those crisp, sunlit days, a good windproof can be perfect for those cycling miles. And, if the temperature really drops, it’s also a great extra layer on top of our stylish Stickman long-sleeve jerseys.  

With soft pastel pinks and blues, our Stickman ‘Garden Windbreaker Jacket’ reflects the art of the French impressionists, such as Monet. Drawing on their vibrant use of colour, you’ll be wrapped in Stickman style and looking super fresh, as you set off into your next adventure on 2-wheels. Gardens are like liquid music, and we believe it’s time for you to play your own tune – to show the world your own individuality.  

Our water-resistant windbreaker jackets are designed to provide maximum performance in a compact design.  The specially designed inner fabric keeps you warm on those cold mornings and can easily be stored away once the sun has come out and the temperatures have risen. It’s a pack-light design that wraps you in Stickman style and performs to the highest level of cycling windproof jackets. If you add one cycle clothing garment to your ride wardrobe this season, then add our technical performance orientated Stickman Windbreaker Jacket. 

Stickman Winter Cycling Bib Tights 

Here at Stickman Cycling, we believe that our cycling jerseys, bibs and cycling jackets are some of the very best cycling garments worldwide. It’s not just our unique Stickman style, with artists designing each item in our extensive cycle clothing range. It’s also the technicality and performance of the world’s best cycling fabrics that we use, to bring you the very best cycle clothing available. Every cyclist should have these classic Italian styled cycling bib tights in the wardrobe. You’ll be ready to ride throughout the year, and staying stylish in these form fitting, high-performance tights that go with all of our long-sleeved jerseys.

Remember, autumn and winter miles make summer smiles – with Stickman!  They’ve been tested by our own athletes, such as Evgeniya, who knows the value of riding with cycling style and performance in perfect harmony. Why not join Evgeniya and wrap your own winter cycling legs in these sensational high performance cycling bib tights.  

You know what they say: everyone should have that little black number in their wardrobe, because it goes with every event. Our Stickman men's and women's bib tights in black, ensure that you’ll always have our legendary Stickman quality and performance on hand, whatever jersey you choose.  Don’t let winter keep you off the bike, wrap your cycling self in Stickman this winter and join the cycling revolution! 


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