The World Famous Cork water bottle

Let’s save the planet together!

Here at Stickman, we’re truly passionate about the natural world, and we wanted to be able to do something to promote an ecological and renewable approach to life. That’s why we developed our world-famous Cork Water Bottle.

When you consider the number of cycling water bottles being made and used each day, it’s a colossal amount of plastic; and, whilst accepting the new technologies that are sometimes being used, we just felt that ‘hey, let’s look at something different.’ This is how we devised our plan for the World-Famous Cork Bottle, which is made from authentic Portuguese cork, which grows on trees! So yes, it even promotes growing more trees, which helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

Made to last –like our planet

The bottle is aluminium coated, with a foam interior, which keeps your drink of choice at its original temperature for up to four hours, meaning that you can either have a warm drink or a cool drink, dependent on the time of year. It’s also the most stylish, ecologically friendly, and innovative bottle in the game - matching our overall ethos here at Stickman. We’re products of an adventure-led lifestyle, travelling the wild and beautiful places, and we simply want to look after this amazing planet.

Now, the tech stuff 😉

Yes, our Cork Water Bottle is designed to be perfect for cycling, or any occasion. Here’s a bit of the tech stuff too:

- 100% natural, ecological, and renewable

- 500ml

- 100g

- Optimized grip performance

- Removable lid

- Dishwasher safe

- BPA free

- 4-hour insulation

- Reduced CO2 footprint, which is critical.

Best of all, you can pull out the bottle interior and clean it separately, making sure that the bottle… and your fluids stay tasting just how you want them to taste.

Because there's no plan-B

Let’s all try to do a little bit more to save this truly awesome and spectacularly beautiful world. Put aside one single plastic bidon and grab a hold of the Stickman Cork Water Bottle, and let’s protect this planet as we ride into a better future together. Working together, we can and will make a difference. In order to change the world, we need to change small worlds – the world in which you yourself live each and every day. By changing to the Stickman cork water bottle, that’s one small step for you, but literally – one huge step towards a better and cooler climate!


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