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There are few places in the world equal to Barcelona. It’s blessed by being on the Spanish coast, close to the South of France and the Pyrenees, and has possibly the greatest blend of architectural brilliance in Europe – oh, and a really cool community of like-minded people, ready to chill together and catch the breeze.

It’s also the famed home of artists such as Dali, Picasso, and Gaudi, and it's developed with this artists flair and causal approach to life and colour – like Stickman!

What is the vibe of Barcelona?

The Catalan capital is a thriving, historical and yet thoroughly modern city that has earnt its reputation as a thriving cultural centre with brilliant museums, magnificent restaurants, an awesome nightlife that never seems to end, and a café culture that creates the rhythms that makes modern Barcelona sing out loud, and dance with the energy of the painters that have captured the city on canvas over history. Now, we at Stickman are recreating this electric and cool feeling and painting it onto our limited-edition cycling jerseys and bib shorts, in a unique way, so that you can be a part of the Barcelona vibe, wherever you ride, with Stickman – so welcome to our home in Barcelona!

With a whole spectrum of brilliant and bombastic architecture, from the historical buildings of the Catalan empire to the gift of ‘Modernisme’ that brilliant Barcelona artistic community gifted to the world in the 19th Century, and the famed Cathedral by Gaudi, Barcelona is a city to explore on foot or by bike. Add to this, the café and social scene, such as our own Stickman showroom at La Fuga, along with the accessibility of adventure and fun, and you’re getting close to knowing what the Barcelona vibe is. All that’s left is to come and visit, and maybe join us here at Stickman too, with a coffee at La Fuga – our first home in this amazing city.


A Great Cycling Base

Barcelona is also a fantastic place to base yourself for a cycling vacation in the north of Spain. With the obvious benefits of the international airport and well-honed tourism infrastructure, including amazing hotels and apartments, it’s easy to spend a few days exploring bustling Barcelona and its vibrant culture, before taking to your own 2-wheels and cycling off into the sun dipped nearby hills.

Our favourite routes are a mix of short and scenic local hill climbs such as Parc de Collserola or Montjuïc, to epic all day cycle rides, to magical Monserrat. If you’re looking for a great cycling challenge that will live with you for a long time, then Monserrat is a rewarding road cycling experience. The route takes cyclists through stunning landscapes and past historic landmarks, making it the perfect day trip for any cycling enthusiast. Nearby to Monserrat and the famed monastery in the mountains, is the historical bridge of Pont Vell, a spectacular medieval structure that spans the vast and picturesque valley, with epic views. If your legs allow, you can extend the ride to take it in.

What are you waiting for 😉

The population of Barcelona is in urgent need of art, in this modern and chaotic world, and the need to express themselves in cycling clothing - just like the city they live in; artistic, crazy, out of the box. The birthplace of many major artists of the world is now the birthplace of Stickman and we’re creating a new artistic sub-culture – Barcelona style!

We love art, and we love cycling. The two aspects of life are perfect partners, and Stickman loves being a part of this new journey. We’ve already embedded ourselves in the Barcelona vibe, with our new cycling clothing showroom at the famous La Fuga coffee shop, and we plan to involve ourselves more in the Barcelona vibe as our brand grows. Our designs will reflect the colour, creativity and cool lifestyle of this amazing city; so why not join us at Stickman cycling and wrap yourself in the cycle clothing sub-culture that we’re creating in Barcelona – home to a new cycling revolution. Home to Stickman!

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