Stickman style heads to Taiwan

Stickman x Bikeware Taiwan

Art on 2-wheels available with our new retail partner 

Hey there guys, we’ve got some awesome news for you. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, expanding the availability of Stickman style to all corners of our global cycling community. It’s been a busy year for us here at Stickman HQ, and we’re really pleased to tell you that Stickman cycling clothing is now on sale with our new retail partner in Taiwan, Bikeware. 

With so much choice for cyclists in Taiwan, and such a rich heritage in cycling we wanted our partner to be at the heart of this scene, and BikeWare Taiwan is the perfect partner for Stickman, having 4 large stores in the key cycling hubs. BikeWare Taiwan have an expansive reach across the whole island, with their four stores well-placed to cater for all types of cyclists.  

The Taiwan cycling scene 

As well as making many of the best bikes in the world for leading brands, Taiwan is also home to the world’s most famous vintage bike collector, Asahi Chang, whose collection spans over 700 of the world’s rarest track, time trial and road bikes from the last 60 years.  This vast collection of vintage bicycles is housed in a cathedral to cycling, that must be seen to be believed.  This world-renowned guru of the vintage cycling scene is a former racer too, having started track racing as a young man in the 70s. The passion of Chang shows that cycling is more than just a sport – it's a lifestyle and sub-culture, and we at Stickman are working hard to design its future.  

Culture & Couture with Taiwanese cycling 

Style and aesthetics have always been a fundamental and strong part of Taiwanese culture. So, when we, as an aspiring ‘cycle with chic’ performance wear brand, had the opportunity to reach cyclists across the whole island, we were honoured!  There are also numerous signed cycling routes within Taiwan, including the aptly named ‘route 1’, which circumnavigates the island for 960KM – now that’s definitely a Stickman style adventure on 2-wheels! 

Wrap yourself in Stickman style 

You can now browse our range of designs within the BIkeWare stores across the island of Taiwan, including within the area of Taipei itself.  Many of our cycling jerseys and bib shorts, including the Marine design, the Stickman Rainbow Leopard and the Invisible Oracle kits are on sale now, and we’ll be dropping more of our unique art on 2-wheels cycling kits as we progress into 2024 and beyond. Join the cycling style revolution with Stickman Taiwan! And check out their website for more info, 

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