Stickman Pro Bib Shorts - Because only the best will do

Okay, let’s cut to the chase guys, because time is important, and you and I would rather be out cycling or surfing or something similar. The simple fact is that cycling bib shorts, they’re as critical to the cyclist as tuna is to the cat! Yes, without them, you’d be walking funny for days after a long ride, and with the wrong bib shorts... well, no amount of cream can compensate for the chaffing and rubbing. You know what I’m saying – of course you do 😉! 

 That’s why we spend so much time here at Stickman, researching materials, the cut, the fit and the performance of our cycling bib shorts. Yes, style, colour and vibrancy are, and always will be at the heart of every Stickman cycling product; however, it must have that perfect balance with performance and comfort. A Stickman cyclist is therefore easily recognisable, not only for the unique limited edition cycling jerseys and cycling bibs shorts. They’re also identifiable for their wide smiles and comfortable seating... let’s not go into detail – their face is smiling because their gluteus maximus is happy too!  

Focus on Fit & Form 

There’s a whole lot to focus on when we make our Stickman bib shorts. We take lots of time speaking to cyclists and creating our cycling shorts so that the multi-panel design fits like a second skin, using the finest Italian fabrics, with multi-directional stretch and excellent compression. It’s a bit like ‘the emperor's new clothes!’ We genuinely want you to feel like you’re not actually wearing them – but please do! We use the most technical and high-quality fabrics, so that you can move freely on the bike and the shorts will simply follow your form and movement all day long, keeping you looking simply sensational. 

The Chamois Pad – the heart of cycling shorts 

We source our chamois pads from the finest of Italian companies, utilising their expertise and technical know-how to develop the best cycling bibs possible. The Chamois is developed with vapour technology, ensuring the most comfortable ride possible. The fabrics used are treated with permanent antibacterial and last-generation microfibers which improve their breathability, ensuring a fresh and comfortable feeling and avoiding unpleasant smells. The risk of any potential skin irritation is eliminated thanks to the absence of seams. Skin transpiration is facilitated by the use of perforated foams in a multi-layer form, that never lose their consistency, even after several washes.  

The finest finishing touches 

All of our shorts use the finest mesh uppers, with strong elasticated fabrics that will always return to form and sit comfortably on your skin. The wide straps are comfortable, and the fabric allows maximum air flow and breathability. The compression across the upper legs helps with blood flow at those crucial moments in a long ride, and we’ve ensured that the bibs are finished off using a non-slip silicone finish for maximum grip to shorts. All that you need to do is to wear them, ride and look stunning in our range of unique limited edition bib short designs. 

Yes, here at Stickman, we’re not simply about the best and the most unique designs in cycling clothing. Producing the very best cycling bib shorts is also important to us. We’re like the artists themselves, choosing the materials, the canvas, and then bringing it all together in designs such as our Stickman women’s Pro Bib ’Rainbow Leopard.’  

Our cycling bib shorts are designed to accentuate your body, to be colourful and vibrant, and to be a canvas for expressing who you are, so that you too become a work of art – Stickman style! 

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