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Indoor Cycling with Style  

Yes, it’s that time of year when many cyclists go into hibernation. Well, a hibernation of sorts, but you don’t actually need to hide yourself away. In truth, indoor cycling is just another way to ride a bike and to improve your performance – whilst staying warm and dry! Over recent years, the development of A.I. have brought Zwift and other applications into the indoor arena, introducing a whole new social and fun aspect to indoor cycling.  

Looking at leading interactive trainer brands, such as Elite from Italy, their Real Video programme allows you to ride the great climbs of the Alps with the video to your front and moving with you! Using our world leading performance, Stickman cycling kit, you can be further immersed into that environment. It’s useful to know that the kit you wear indoors, should be as high quality in both fabric technology and performance as the kit that you wear outdoors. This is especially important with the chamois, as training relies heavily on you being comfortable and consistent – something that we at Stickman spend a long time developing in our designs.  

Type of Kits for Indoor Riding 

Due to the consistent nature of an indoor athlete's weather system (if it's raining inside your house you may want to focus on that over your choice of kit!), kit choices are much easier, so long as you choose the correct brands – Stickman of course! When cycling indoors you tend to increase your body temperature at a much faster rate, so things like breathability of fabrics is uber important. Luckily Stickman’s kit is very breathable whilst also maintaining excellent compression, this being an area where some brands find themselves having to prioritise one over the other.  Here at Stickman, our kits are designed not only to be the most unique and stylish available; they’re also designed to perform in all weathers – including the unrealistic environment of your apartment!  

When you’re tackling the Stelvio on the Elite Justo, with the Elite Rizer lifting the bike and the screen wrapped in front you and the sweat dripping, the last thing you need is to be adjusting your chamois pad! Why not take a look at the wide range of kit available on our website. There's a style to suit every room of the house! Don’t just hang art on the walls – wear it!

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