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Let Stickman add style to your cycling 

For too long, cyclists across the globe have waited patiently to see wat shade of red or blue, the world’s leading clothing brands will produce next year. If you’re lucky, it may be a shade that you actually like, and whilst bland and frankly quite boring, it is at least a new shade of these regular base colours, from what you’ve been offered recently. This is why here at Stickman Cycling, we want to liven things up a bit and add some vibrancy, colour and attitude to your cycle clothing.  

We want to spice up your cycling life, by creating a new style revolution, based on wearable art that speaks with the rhythm of your soul. It’s the new cycling revolution – Stickman style!  


Free your spirit 

Cycling isn’t just a sport, it’s a whole sub-culture, like art itself, with various genres within the global cycling community. Cycling allows us to explore who we are and the world in which we live, getting closer to ourselves in the process. Here at Stickman, we understand this, and we work closely with several artists, creating unique designs, each with their own story and meaning, and then we print them onto our limited-edition cycle jerseys and bib shorts. Yes, with Stickman, our cycle clothing is almost as unique as you. Better still, there’s so much variety in the Stickman clothing range, and we bring out new designs so often, that you’re sure to find a cycling jersey and bib shorts that reflects your own personality, as if it was created just for you!  

Jerseys & Bib shorts with colour and vibe 

Let’s look at cycling bib shorts for example. Why black, and plain black too? It's just not cool guys. It has its place, granted – let that dinner jacket in your wardrobe – but you wouldn’t want to wear it every day. That’s why we’ve created vibrant and lively artistic designs such as the Stickman Polkas Pro Bib Shorts. Our stylishly modern take on the classic Polka dot design is super-cute, versatile, light and fun – just like you. That’s why you’re here at Stickman, expressing who you are – wrapped in Stickman style. These high-performance bib shorts are versatile and can be worn in partnership with many of our Stickman Original Jerseys. Show your own cycling style and class this summer – and join the new revolution! 

One our most popular recent designs has been our Stickman Vibey kit. With a vibrant mixture of the 90s Jazz Cup and Miami Art Deco, this modern and colourful cycling jersey, and matching bib shorts, evokes a sense of the variety of life, with the various flows, lines and patterns, blended together in bright colours. Life is a complex web of experiences, as we create our own personal tune, and the Stickman ‘Vibey’ cycling kit radiates this complexity of colour to the world. 

Join the style revolution 

The simple fact is guys, that plain block colour cycling kit has a place, but just not in our wardrobe 😉. Here at Stickman, we don’t want to follow the norm’, because life isn’t like that, and neither are you. Life is like a kaleidoscope, with a whole spectrum of colours dancing in chaotic frenzy each and every day. And, if our cycling is a way of freeing ourselves from the daily grind, then let’s use it to show who we are – let’s pedal and dance to new summits and radiate our personality to the world. All that’s required is a sense of adventure – and for you to join the new Stickman style revolution. 

Keep checking our website, as new and exciting cycle jersey and bib short designs from our artists drop into our range each month, and wrap yourself in the vibrancy of life, with Stickman! And remember, Zero Tolerance For Boring. 

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