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Stickman Overseas Sales 

Here at Stickman Cycling, we don’t want to live in a closed world that does its best to restrict people. We’re free thinking and adventurous, and we’re citizens of the world! Yes, we’re quite simply a community of like-minded people that love cycling – Stickman style! 

Now, without getting too serious, there are however a few barriers that the politicians of the world put in place, and yes, they usually resolve around import duties and tax. Within the European Union it’s quite simple: we're all one big happy family - hopefully. However, elsewhere in the world, when we ship out our unique designs to you, there’s usually an added cost to pay when the package arrives in customs. Well... Not at Stickman. 

Stickman Overseas Sales Policy 

What we try to do here at Stickman, is to find out what these import charges are going to be, and we pay them in advance for you. This means that your awesome Stickman cycle clothing arrives without any hassle, and without some courier knocking at the door and asking for fees that you maybe didn’t even realize needed paying. Yes, we try to take away the hassle and that extra cost, leaving you to keep smiling and cycling in the most stylish and unique cycle clothing in the world – Stickman.  

Whilst some countries and administrations may have a few other small charges, the Stickman company policy on import charges for you, the customer, is designed to make everything as easy and seamless as possible; because after all, we’re all part of the same global village and we all ride bikes because we want to keep exploring this big, wide, wonderful world.  

Save and Stay Stylish – with Stickman 

Whilst other brands won’t tell you about these extra charges, and will simply expect you to take the pain, we think differently here, and we think about you – a valuable member of the Stickman family. Yes, now you can safely shop in style here at the Stickman website and wrap yourself in the world’s finest cycling jerseys and bib shorts and join the new cycling revolution – riding the roads and trails wherever you are, free from the burden of import duty. We can’t dictate global policy, but we can do one small thing to make those trade barriers a little bit more invisible for you!  

There’s a saying that ‘the only thing in life that’s certain is death and taxes.’ We don’t go with this. In our eyes, the only thing that’s certain is that today is the first day of the rest of your life, and so go live it – and ride into your future as a free spirit, with the team here at Stickman cycling.  

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