Meet the Team - Stickman Ambassador Nadia

Nadia Pavlova, Barcelona

Meet Nadia

Nadia is a force of life that’s seemingly unstoppable on 2-wheels. This global traveller, athlete, cyclist, triathlete and model has competed and won cycling and tri events across the globe, including recently in Transylvania. Oh, and before we forget – she's an artist too. Just one of many hobbies that this fireball of energy does in her spare time.


As you can see, Nadia has the perfect credentials to be a Stickman Cycling ambassador. A former resident of Miami and a participant in the Florida triathlon scene, Nadia also achieved a second-place finish at Ironman Barcelona in 2016. With such a rich history of sporting success, Nadia knows the importance of wearing the best performance fabrics when cycling – which is why she chooses Stickman, for the perfect balance between form and fit. As an athlete, an artist and a race proven winner, Nadia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our brand. She’s a well-respected cyclist who knows the value of technical cycle clothing, and she’s also a stylish woman, with an artist's heart – the perfect blend of passion and performance.


An Artist in Her Heart

As an artist too, Nadia paints from her inner soul, using a vibrancy of colour and expression, to create movement within the canvas. It’s a style similar to many of the young artists we use here at Stickman, to create our unique and limited-edition cycling jerseys and bib shorts. Her images carry the form and beauty of her subject, and she also brings her cycling into her art, merging the two and working to depict the movement and power and beauty of life and action – of cycling. Nadia is a unique person, filled with a passion for life and for the world, and yes, an athlete too – on two wheels and in her heart. That passion for cycling is evident in her daily life, and her love for adventure too.

Living in Barcelona suits Nadia’s personality, with the culture and vibrant community, so close to the magical road cycling routes that sweep her into the hills of northern Spain, wrapped in her own unique style, radiating her power and personality to the world.


Favourite Ride

Living in the Catalonian capital, Barcelona, there’s a wealth of superb hills and winding roads for Nadia to choose from; and she’s rarely off her bike, riding 4 to 5 times weekly. However, one ride stands out for Nadia, and it’s the classic cycling route of Barcelona – Collserola – Molins de Rei – Barcelona.

The views along this ride will take your breath away! It’s a truly spectacular ride.

Starting in the city’s centre, this route ascends into the hills above the city area, before reaching its summit at the Tibidabo, located at 500 meters above sea level. It gives you the best views of Barcelona from the top! It then crosses over and climbs to the Col de Santa Creu d’Olorda, and descends to a Molins de Rei village, passing by Sant Bartameu. From there, we make a U-turn, climb back to Santa Creu, and then descend through Sarria to return to Barcelona and an evening on merriment in one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in Europe.


 Cycling Goals

Cycling should be fun and allow us to explore new places, challenging ourselves and achieving goals that create memories to last a lifetime. Despite her wealth of travelling in pursuit of sport and cycling, there’s one route at the top of the list for Nadia – the Stelvio Pass, in northern Italy. Speaking to Nadia, it sounds like a trip is already in the works with her cycling friends, and Andorra is also on the hit-list for a cycling vacation.



Favourite Stickman Cycling Outfit

With its vibrant red canvas, our Stickman ‘Holidayz’ short sleeve jersey oozes summer style. Painted with tropical greenery and Toucans, this race fit women’s cycling jersey touches and fits the female form perfectly, showing off every curve. The high quality, multi-directional fabric also allows Nadia to ride hard, whilst the technical fabrics allow the body the breath, maximising air flow and keeping Nadia feeling as fresh and fantastic as she looks.

Worn by Nadia with our Stickman Women's Pro Bib- Polkas, providing the ultimate comfort on the cycling climbs of Catalunya, this blend of tones and styles allows Nadia to stand out from the crowd, as she rides into the hills to watch the sunset.

And, when she’s cycling into the beautiful green hills that surround Barcelona, or writing, painting, or in the gym, this talented young woman explores the social scene, the history and culture of Barcelona and its eclectic mix of styles, before relaxing with a croissant and cappuccino, on her folding bike - the best way to see breathtaking Barcelona! 

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