Meet the Team: Stickman Ambassador, Carlos Mancera

Riding the Santiago de Compostela    

There are some routes and events that are widely known across the outdoor world and respected for the adventure and experiences that they bring. The Santiago de Compostela is one such route, and our ambassador, Carlos Mancera tackled it recently, using the high-performance clothing from Stickman along the way. As well as the vibrant and spectacular scenery, we’re certain that our designs also stood out as Carlos sped along😉. Let’s find out more about Carlos, and why cycling and adventure is so important to him.  

Carlos Mancera & Adventure on 2-Wheels  

Speaking with Carlos, he recalls his first bike, a Cannondale Caad 10, which he purchased when he was racing short distance and half distance triathlon with his Catalan. His favourite style of cycling is gravel, and Carlos loves the feeling of riding fast and furious in the mountains, combining road and 0-road – such as the Camino.  

Riding every week, he likes to combine the gravel with his main sport, calisthenics. As he says himself, ‘It’s a good complement to train cardio, legs and have fun riding.’  

Riding the Camino 

Starting in Leon this summer, Carlos took only 6 days to complete this famous route – with an average of 55-60Km per day and 1.000 -1.200m positive elevation. He shared this epic experience with his girlfriend, who in true Stickman style, wanted to accept the “challenge” and to feel and to share in the Camino experience together.  

Using our high-performance Stickman cycling jerseys and bibs was helpful for Carlos, as it meant that he could carry less. He used only two outfits along the way, saying that '’You can wash your material after you use it, but it’s better to get 2 kits because with just 1…. Is a bit risky. Imagine that you wash your kit, then is raining, etc… 2 kits are enough and perfect.’ Yes, on rides such as this epic journey of adventure, travelling light is key, using tee-shirts that pack easily, casual sports pants for off the bike and a lightweight jacket – voila!  

When Carlos talks about his adventure, he’s convinced that whilst tough, it’s a journey that anyone can take on, saying: 

‘It’s doable for everyone one. I remember the O Cebreiro uphill… it was so much harder than I thought. I took the road-side and at the end of the way, then the mountain path. In the middle I saw some people jumping off the bike to do some breaks…  but to be honest, lucky for me, I didn’t have any “problem” during the Camino.’ 

The Benefit of Great Clothing & Kit – with Stickman 

We love being able to support our ambassadors on their adventures. Carlos talks about our kit with a focus on the quality - which is fantastic to here. It’s important to us that riders like the fabrics and the finish that we strive for – Stickman excellence. As he says, ‘The quality is super important when you are riding from 8am to 2pm, and riding or not just riding; visiting a village, going to a restaurant to eat during the day. It’s super important to wear a good cycling gear, and not just the bibs, but also the jersey.  

Thankfully, our Stickman technical fabrics are breathable, easy to dry, and comfortable for hours of rides – just ask our adventurer, Carlos!  In particular, he loved the Holidayz design, and received lots of comments from others along the way, who loved the Stickman styling and designs.  

Where to Stay  

Accommodation and eating on a journey such as this is critical and can make or break the expedition. Carlos took advantage of the “Menu del Peregrino”, where you can eat good for 12-14 Euros. Thankfully too, the official website for the route has excellent options for travellers, which Carlos took advantage of.  

Favourite Rides at Home 

Living close to the vibrant city of Barcelona, home to Stickman Cycling and so close to both the coast and mountains, Carlos loves to ride the Maresme area. If possible, though he like to repeat his bikepacking adventure, but starting next time from his house in Barcelona, cycling to Montserrat and starting the Camino in Montserrat, with more mileage each day.  

Favourite Kit from Stickman  

With so many great and unique designs to choose from, Carlos loves the red Toucan jersey (Holidayz) as his personal favourite. However, we recently sent him the new purple Jungle Dream jersey, which he says, ‘looks amazing!’  In conversation, he says that the risky and unique Stickman designs appeal to him, with the colours and the random nature of the art. Taken together, the amazing designs, the vibrant spectrum of colours and the high-quality fabrics make Stickman stand-out as a super-cool and super good cycling kit. 

We all need an adventure in life, and we all need to push the limits of the possible. Carlos lives his life this way, which is why he’s an ideal Stickman Cycling ambassador. We’d love to join you on your own 2-wheeled expedition, so join the new style revolution, and take a look at Stickman today – because life means adventure!


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