Hi there – I'm Stickman

Hey there peeps, I thought that maybe we ought to get to know each other, if I’m going to be helping you to chill out on your bike. After all, style is never optional, and the only rule here is that ‘there are no rules!’ Yes, indeed folks, I tend to think that life is to be lived and, that each of us has the freedom to be who we want to be. Ultimately, that’s an open invitation to express yourself – Stickman style!  

Me... who am I, and what’s my style? That’s a very good question. I’m simply ‘Stickman’, and as you can hopefully see – come on guys, move in and look closer; I’m simply a figure of simplicity, and a kind of Cameleon. Yes, ‘I am what I am’, as the song lyrics go! No, seriously though guys, I’m different – and, ultimately, we’re all different, but equally beautiful.  

An artist kind of brought to me to life on the end of their pencil. Well, I’m a restless spirit, and I wanted adventure. And so, I simply skipped off the page and, here I am – welcome! Oh, and before I forget; I kind of stopped off at a few places on route to here – wouldn’t you 😉. Brazil was nice, with a cool vibe, lots of music and dancing, sun, sea and surf. Then Hawaii, for more sun and fun, and some coastal cycling. Now, I’ve hitched up with these people here in Barcelona. There’s a whole lot of artists hanging around, and a whole lot of great cafes to relax in for coffee and culture, and more great architecture than you could shake a stick at – or a Stickman!  

Anyways guys, these cycling people that I hitched along with; they seem to be down with the crowd, and up for some chilled-out times on two wheels, and a whole lot of chilling with the Barcelona breeze. I think that I’ll be hanging around for a while, exploring, creating and soaking up the vibe of this amazing city. There’s a group of young artists in town and nearby too, and we plan on sketching out some designs for cycle clothing. After all, if we love art so much – why don’t we wear it!  

Northern Spain is also kind of awesome, with the Pyrenees, the history, and the mix of cultures making it alive with energy; which, trust me, is quite important to soak up when you’re simply a Stickman from another dimension, born on the end of a pencil! 

Life here is far better than being isolated on a sketch pad, and I plan on sharing a few adventures with you all. I’ll be bringing you some cool and stylish cycling clothing to wear too. Art is kind of my thing, you understand – it's who I am 😉. Keep checking in with me, and let’s share our uniqueness together – Stickman style. Let’s explore new horizons, art and sport, and create a new revolution – with individuality at its core!  

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