Hey there, it’s Christmas!

It’s time to chill 

Yes folks, it’s that time of year when it gets colder, maybe it snows and we get to celebrate life, love and our family and friends! I’ve travelled the world as Stickman, and yet, when it comes to Christmas, I personally love to be close to home. Here in Barcelona, it’s an awesome time of the year – especially in the Gothic Quarter of the city, with the old buildings and so much culture.  

Thankfully too, the weather here in the north of Spain isn’t too bad near the coast, meaning that I can still get out and about on rides. Places like the magical monastery at Monserrat are easily accessible by bike, for a long day riding; or I can travel into the hills by train or transport, and treat myself to a mini break locally, and create a shorter ride, with more time to explore. Yes, for many people, mini breaks at this time of the year are a great way to relax, just before the madness of Christmas descends on us and it all becomes exciting and frenetic. Travelling always makes us more appreciative of what we have at home too – and here in Barcelona, we have so much culture, beauty and cycling opportunities.  

It’s also time for gifts and personal treats 

Christmas is a time for giving, and with the cyclists in your life, it’s sometimes tricky to know what to get them. Yes, for me it’s a spiritual thing, and the gift can be anything, but it should have some meaning that’s connected to the person. So, if they’re a cyclist, why not treat them to something unique from our Stickman website. We’ve got some great gift ideas and offers at this time of the year, that will brighten up the Christmas of any cyclist.  

The World-Famous Cork Bottle 

Why not surprise the cyclist in your life with our world-famous Cork Bottle. It’s made from authentic Portuguese cork. Its aluminium coated foam interior helps to keeps your drink of choice at its original temperature for up to four hours. It’s the most stylish, ecologically friendly, and innovative bottle in the game. Perfect for cycling, or any occasion, and a perfect small gift with meaning attached for Christmas time! If you order it now, it’ll be there just in time for Christmas Day! 

Head into 2024 wrapped in Stickman style 

You can also treat yourself, or your cycling partner to one of our amazing and unique jersey designs and get them to join the Stickman style revolution. Don’t forget, that after Christmas Day the days start to get longer again, and before you know it, it’ll be spring and sunny once more. Yes, we’ve got a whole spectrum of vibrant colors and designs for you to choose from this Christmas, such as our Stickman ‘Skulls & Roses’ Kit, which reflects the punk in you, with a mix of love, life, and death reflected in vibrant colours. You’re unique, and you don’t fit into any box. The positivity of pink and the cool of blues in the Stickman ‘Skulls & Roses’ design reflects all sides of your personality and is one of our most colourful designs.  

Here at Stickman, all of our designs are made with sustainable water-based ink for the most accurate representation of real colour and environmental safety. We package our clothing in recyclable cardboard packaging made in Europe, and we use local workers here in Spain. Being ethical is important to us – it's who we are, and we’re in love with this big, bright, beautiful planet.  

Back to basics 

At the heart of any cycling outfit is the base layer. It’s one of those critical elements that lies unseen, but which does so much. We’ve just launched our new Stickman cycling base layers, in black or white fabric, and they make great Christmas gift ideas too. The Stickman Baselayer is made of an ultralight fabric, it is a technical first layer designed to wick moisture and keep the skin dry, offering high breathability. It is the ideal protection between the skin and the jersey for maximum comfort. Made of mesh fabric, it is extremely soft, thin, and light, and will help to wick moisture away from your body, lie softly against your skin, and provide that extra layer of warmth when required too.  

We want you to look good and to feel good this Christmas, and indeed, every day. That’s why we’re working to change cycling styles and fashions with our unique and limited-edition products, that are also made in harmony with the natural world, reflecting its beauty – as you do yourself! 

And so, whilst we design and produce the most unique ‘art on 2-wheels', high-performance cycle clothing in the world, we do so with a passion for protecting our planet. At Christmas time, let’s all add some love to the world, and do more to protect this awesome planet. You can still get wrapped in Stickman style, whilst celebrating ethically too. 

Christmas is a time for pausing, reflecting and thinking about others. The most precious gift we can give is our time and our love... that comes gift wrapped. And, for all those other things, celebrate life with cycling gifts this Christmas – Stickman style.


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