Collection: Triathlon Men

Elevate your triathlon game with our cutting-edge men's trisuit collection. Designed for peak performance and ultimate comfort, each suit is meticulously crafted using premium Italian fabrics and advanced technology. Whether you're tackling the swim, bike, or run, our trisuits provide the perfect balance of aerodynamics, breathability, and support. Dominate every leg of the race with confidence and style in Stickman's sleek and functional trisuits. Made in Barcelona

Free your spirit with Stickman Triathlon

Here at Stickman Triathlon, we’re unique – just like you. We’re not like any other triathlon clothing brand, and we won’t bore you with blandness. Instead, we value the crazy, the awesome, the art, the inspirational in this chaotic world. If you love triathlon and you also love art – why not bring the two loves together on a tandem of choice. All in all, we can say that one phrase summarizes it all – Stickman triathlon clothing, from the amazing and vibrant city of Barcelona!

We’ve got the very best technical triathlon fabrics for you, with our exclusive trisuit fit and with that added Barcelona ingredient - style. Take a look below at some of our latest limited edition triathlon clothing and wrap yourself in triathlon style - Stickman style. Our team of artists and designers create new designs each month, all limited editions, so that you can be the individual that you truly are when you race an Ironman... or wherever else on this vast and beautiful planet.

Come on in and join the new Triathlon revolution – with Stickman Triathlon clothing!